About Patti Stren

author | illustrator | cartoonist


Patti Stren has been honoured with a Canadian government award for her distinguished work in children’s literature. A writer, humourist, illustrator, artist, cartoonist, designer and producer, she has written and
illustrated 16 children’s books and two novels, among other work. And has two animated short to her name.  Patti was born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. She earned her BA at the University of Toronto and her BFA at the New York’s School of Visual Arts.

Patti has been published by such distinguished publishers as Harper & Row,  Fitzhenry and Whiteside Limited,  Hyperion Books; Kawai Publishing Tokyo, Scholastic Canada Ltd; (Scholastic Press, Scholastic Editions, Éditions Scholastic) Toronto. HarperCollins Publishers; Caedmon, Sauerländer, Aarau, Switzerland and Frankfurt, Germany; E.P Dutton (Unicorn Press); and Twenty-First Century Books, a division of Henry Holt and Company, New York.

Among the many lovable characters Stren has created, one has emerged as a perennial favourite—Elliot Kravitz, the porcupine in need of a hug. Elliot was introduced in the book, Hug Me. Hug Me and Other Stories by Patti Stren was released in an audio version by Caedmon Records, narrated by the renowned actress, Blythe Danner.

In 2002 the book was re-issued with new full-color illustrations by HarperCollins Publishers and Scholastic Press/Éditions Scholastic. In addition to English, Hug Me has also been published in French and Japanese. The rights have now reverted to Patti.

“Patti Stren is the most delightful and inventive artist and creator of books and creatures for folks from 4 to 104 – she’s just the best.” – Blythe Danner


Special Achievement Award

Patti Stren’s Works: “…distinguished and recognized for her Literary Achievements at the International level in the field of Children’s Literature. Combining her wit and wisdom, sense and sensibility, to address the realities of young people’s minds.”

May 18, 2002, Minister of Culture, Province of Ontario, Canada.



Patti is the Artist-at-Large for Citizens Reunited to Overcome Cancer (CROC), a charity designed to help cancer patients turn what might be tragedy into triumph.

She invented the endearing crocodile character, Croc, emblem of the organization. She has her hands full taking care of her husband, a Radiation Oncologist, and her two miniature dogs who live for cuddles and even more importantly TREATS. Her hero was her first publisher – her brother David whom she adored.

“I got to know Patti Stren well when we worked together making the short film, MONA MON AMOUR. This was something that Patti had developed as a print piece, and we jointly came up with the idea of making a short. We financed it jointly and love the end product. It’s the film that probably got the most laughs when I saw it projected at the Museum of Modern Art. I was quite proud of it then.”

From Director, Producer, Animator Michael Sporn, about his collaboration with Patti Stren on the short animated film, Mona Mon Amour, along with a biographical history and 20 great reviews of Patti’s work.