HUG ME – A book with

Written and Illustrated by Patti Stren

Sending YOU ALL a Gazillion HUGS!! Love, Love and Even More LOVE!

*Elliot & Patti*

“Name your favorite literary porcupine. (Name any literary porcupine.) Answer: Elliot Kravitz.

He is the prickly, thus intrinsically unhuggable, hero of this picture story about the search for love….

Try the book on the nearest angst-ridden adult.”

– The New York Times

Elliot Kravitz was not like other porcupines, who were quite content having quills and being left alone.  He wanted a friend. A friend to talk to, a friend to play with and tell his best secrets to, but mostly a friend to hug.

All his friends told him, “Hey, Elliot! It’s really great having quills!

“No one bothers us. We always get to be first in line. And we never have to share our ice-cream cones. No one ever comes near a porcupine!”

But Elliot rather liked being with people. He never really minded sharing his ice-cream cone. Elliot longed for a friend. You see, there was one thing he wanted more than anything else in the world… A BIG, TIGHT HUG. The other porcupines wouldn’t hug him. It’s too hard, they said, to hug someone with quills.

So Elliot spent a lot of his time hugging telephone poles, parking meters, and traffic lights.

During the day, he continued to hug things. And then at night, in bed,

Elliot would dream about having a real friend who would hug back.

Adaptation from Hug Me, written and illustrated by Patti Stren. Copyright © 1977 by Patti Stren. By permission of Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc. , and the author.

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HUG ME – Blythe Danner Narration


“Patti Stren is the most delightful and inventive artist and creator of books and creatures for

folks from 4 to 104 – she’s just the best.” – Blythe Danner