Voice Overs

HUG ME FULL COLOR 2nd edition with lotsa new drawings!!

Patti is the narrator and voice of the little porcupines Elliot Kravitz, Thelma Claypits, all the critters and all the silly birds. Patti’s sound effects are guaranteed to make you sigh and giggle and mimic Elliot snoring!!


2nd edition audio

by Patti Stren

elliot the little porcupine speaks

HUG ME FULL COLOR 2nd edition audio read in a proper British accent by Rosemary Allison

 Mona Mon Amour

Have fun listening to the soundtrack of Mona’s monologue by Patti Stren, complete with personal anecdotes from her dating life when she was single and carefree!! Mona’s monologue takes place entirely in her therapist’s office in New York City.









Click here to read about Patti Stren’s collaboration with Director, Producer, Animator Michael Sporn on the short animated film, Mona Mon Amour, along with a biographical history and great reviews of Patti’s work.